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A complete stand up-act, in a small velvet pouch!  

Three effects that only use 5 ESP Cards (from our E5P Deck) self-contained in a ready-to-use MultiVelvet Bag.

Perfect for close up or parlor performances, the "E5P Act" uses the approach from the work in"E5P" and offers a new fun portable option for your repertoire.

In the complementary eBook you will learn:

I. E5P Act:

1. Perfect E5P Opener: From a velvet bag you take your 5 ESP Cards.  Your participant names ANY of the ESP symbols (NO Forces). From the bag you remove a written business card with the named symbol AND the participant´s name! (Unpublished) 

 2. ESP No Chair Test: 5 Participant onstage, each one selects one ESP card. A fantastic routine involving a Kurotsuke-esque dynamic with the final revelation of EACH thought of symbol. (From E5P)  

3. Picasso Prediction: A beautiful way to predict the freely selected random layout of 5 ESP Cards. (Unpublished)

II. Extra Routines (from E5P)

4. Wooden Matching: 5 ESP Cards, 5 Wooden Chips and one incredible moment of mind-to-mind connection.       
5. ESPendulm Prediction: A new and strange covert “open prediction” routine with 5 ESP cards. 
6. BelievESP: A thought of ESP symbol is revealed to show how believing is seeing.  

If you order the "Basic Pack" you  will receive:

1. 5 ESP Cards from our "E5P Deck
2. Especially prepared MultiVelvet Bag
3. Complementary eBook with the full act explained and the extra routines

If you order the "Double Pack", you will receive TWO sets of 5 E5P Cards from our "E5P Deck" and all the rest !

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